1 Dry Cleaning Fluid A non flammable spot removal fluid.
2 Nail Polish Remover Ami-Acetate-it has a banana fragrance. Do not use if it contains acetone
3 Detergent Solution Mix 2 cups of water and two tea spoons of mild detergent Solution. (No Lanoline and no Bleach)
4 Warm water Lukewarm Tap water
5 Vinegar Solution One cup white vinegar to two cups of water
6 Ammonia Solution Two tablespoons household ammonia to one cup water
1 BLOOD 6,3,4 (Cold) 8 INK 2,1,3,6,5,4
2 CANDLE WAX 1,3,5,6,4 9 MEDICINE 2,1,3,6,5,4
3 CHEWING GUM 1,3 10 NAIL POLISH 2,1,3,6,4
4 COFFEE/ TEA 3,5,4 11 OIL 1,3
5 COSMETICS 2,1,3,6,5,4 12 SHOE POLISH 2,1,3,6,4
6 FOOD 3,6,4 13 SOFT DRINKS 3,6,5,4
7 GREASE 1,3,4

We suggest that a small portion of the affected area may be test cleaned to avoid extensive accidental damage to the carpet

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